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Archers website & marketing

​Archers is a sign-maker based in Isleworth. Soda has worked with Archers for many years; we designed their original logo and their marketing material.

Nathan Bowman, their Managing Director, asked us to refresh their website and come up with some direct marketing ideas targeted at Archers’ core business: theatre production companies. The objective was to generate more business from an existing client base by promoting Archers' wide range of services.

We designed a newsletter which drew inspiration from Victorian print and a direct mail piece with cut-out illustrations to create a miniature pop-up theatre. We commissioned Aled Lewis to work with us on the project and produce all the illustrations.

We used much of these design elements on the website redesign. The website was built by hand and used a range of jQuery and CSS trickery to bring the pages to life.

We also recommended producing a credentials document to showcase the best of their impressive case studies and this was designed and printed at the same time.

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