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Go green - GreenHoard

GreenHoard is a hoarding system that provides a superior alternative to traditional timber hoarding. It’s the first 100% sustainable hoarding material on the market. Octink is one of the UK distributors for this exciting product and they asked us to create the marketing material for its launch.

Octink tasked us with producing a a short promotional film, sales brochure and a landing page for their website. We shot a film using time-lapse photography and produced a two minute marketing video which demonstrates the flexibility and advantages of GreenHoard to prospective purchasers. 

Each hoarding panel is made from the equivalent of 4,400 plastic carrier bags, so the idea for the brochure cover design was to use a close-up shot of a recycled plastic board. A QR code was created and included in the design to link to the video on YouTube. In keeping with the sustainable nature of the product the literature was printed on FSC certified 50% recycled stock.

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