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Octink website refresh

‚ÄčOctink is a display specialist based in Brentford, West London.

We work closely with their Managing Director, Mike Freely, planning and implementing all their marketing activity, including HTML emails, internal newsletters, product branding, brochures and presentations.

Their marketing is primarily driven through their website. It's a portfolio of all their previous work and helps them sell new ideas into clients, as well as keeping people up to date with the latest news and trends in sign-making and digital graphics.

Websites can become rather cluttered and messy after a time and after a couple of years of rigorous use, their website was looking a little tired. We always recommend auditing any site after a couple of years. We analysed the site over a number of days, including statistics from Google Analytics and feedback from client meetings.

From these results, we streamlined the layout and design elements, adding more visual appeal with background octopus images and larger case study images in the form of a slideshow. We added a new project manager section to the content management system, which is powered by ExpressionEngine. This allows specialists to be allocated to specific pages, giving each page on the site an extra call to action.

Working on Octink's online marketing is a on-going task. We run pay-per-click Google Adwords campaigns and study Google Analytics data, to not only drive traffic, but also to research keywords that potential clients are searching for.

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