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Our lovely little brochure

​Look at many creative agency websites and you'll end up on holding pages with coming soon notices. Time or an inability to self edit means that websites and self-promotion fall by the wayside for many creative businesses. Our own site has been just like that for a large portion of Soda's existence. It's not something we're proud of; it just tends to be the last thing on anyone's mind in a busy studio.

Our new mantra is that we need to treat ourselves as if we were a client and that everything we advise our clients to do should be tested by us first. We want to practice what we preach and show our clients what can be done with a small budget and a sprinkling of creativity. We think our website is now a great tool for showing off our work and for helping explain strategy and ideas around which we build our creative campaigns.

Part of our new marketing strategy was devised around producing this little brochure. We get short digital print runs made and update it when they run out. It's not only incredibly cheap to do but it means that we can keep the content really current and fresh.

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